Building your own PC can save time and money

When it comes to finding out that you need to upgrade your PC, you seek alternatives to that of just buying a pre-build standard machine. Instead, buying individual parts and constructing the PC yourself can save you a considerable amount of time and more importantly money. This has led to many people who may not know how to build a PC to search for video guides online on YouTube and on the internet as it […]

Are ATI Graphics cards really worth what they are?

There has always been a battle between the two largest competitors within the graphics card industry. Those are; ATI Nvidia These two organisations have been battling against each other for the hotspot within the gaming and professional industries for being the topc notch, graphic card distribute, manufacturer and supplier of quality products. Both of these organisations have seen a variety of downfalls throughout the years and they have discovered each others weaknesses and captilaised on […]

Professional SEO Services – A New and Famous technology

The IT sector has given rise to a prominent field of SEO. It has now been seen as the major sub-sector in the field of Information Technology. But, what are these SEO Services?   Actually, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is nothing but a set of techniques that helps to alter the exposure of web pages. In other words, SEO is used to increase the appearance of web pages in the search results of famous […]

Technology- Think beyond imagination

Here and there, everywhere, the world is talking of technology. So, what is technology and why people are millions of people running after it? So, here it comes, Technology that has changed the way mankind looked at the world. Technology has transformed almost all divisions of the earth from the way we communicate to about how we make business. Earlier, when people had to call someone, they were required to stand in a queue to […]

The ATI 5970 4GB DDR5 Graphics Card


We have been using the ATI 5970 graphics card for sometime now. It is a pretty good card and it still holds up to most modern games of today, even though in some of the more power hungry games such as Battlefield 4 it does struggle with some AA effects > But this also occurs with some of the most modern and newest cards out on the market today, therefore it could well be down […]

Using Technology to find the next perfect job – Building a PC to cope with that excessive job searching!


So you are looking for a new job! You have probably made some internet searches and possibly have contacted an employment agency to help you look. Here are some other alternative ideas to help you look. One place to look is in the local newspaper. The sorts of jobs in there may be the smaller, more junior roles, but an excellent place to begin. There are of course websites for most local newspapers too! You […]

Nvidia Graphics Cards now used in the latest iMacs

nvidia on mac

The newest iteration tends to make use of the most current 4th gen Intel processors and enhanced Nvidia graphics. As far its design and style is concerned, iMacs have been and nevertheless are the greatest, with the use of highest quality supplies and a sleek form. Even so, some sites now present cost-free MacBook Air games for the advantage of the many gamers generating use of MacBook. If you meticulously explore all the sites, you […]

The Nvidia Optimus technology is set to impress


This is a respectable time for a higher-performance notebook like this one particular particularly thinking about it has a quad-core processor. The Nvidia Optimus technology makes it possible for the N55S to switch to the low-power integrated Intel graphics and turn off the higher-performance Nvidia GeForce graphics card when not necessary to conserve energy. The only negative it has is the lack of slots for upgrades or improvement. Even though, you won’t call for any, […]

Android Gmail Users Surprised With New Update

gmail-android market

Search engine giants Google have rolled out a new update for the Gmail app on Android devices, which now includes a unified inbox. This enables users to view emails from more than one account in one location, saving the trouble of switching between profiles. “Starting today you’ll be able to view all your mail at once, regardless of which account it’s from, using the new “All Inboxes” option. This way you can read and respond […]

PayPal Fined $7.7m


E-payment company PayPal have agreed to pay $7.7 million to settle charges by the US Treasury Department. This is due to the claims that PayPal, owned by popular auction site EBay, violated sanction programs against countries such as Cuba and Iran. They also violated the US law 486 times according to the Treasury. PayPal are also said to have dismissed alerts about doing business with a company on the sanctions blacklist, who are tied to […]

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