The Best Ways to Buy and Sell PC Parts

Building your own computer has become an increasingly common occurrence amongst the wider population, in just the last couple of decades. As children have been raised with high specification computers, people’s expectations and demands of hardware have continued to increase, and one of the ways that this need has been satisfied is through a massive group of people who remain engaged in the world of computer hardware; who aim to make sure that their computer […]

What is the function of a CPU?


A Central Processing Unit (CPU for short) is the often referred to as the brains of a computer system, and is built using the RISC architecture (Reduced Instruction Set Computing). The CPU carries out the instructions of a computer program such as, Microsoft Office, Word Powerpoint, Dreamweaver and Photoshop (amongst many other software programs that run on your computer); at the heart of the CPU is an Arithmetic Logic Unit (otherwise known as ALU for […]

Building your own PC can save time and money


When it comes to finding out that you need to upgrade your PC, you seek alternatives to that of just buying a pre-build standard machine. Instead, buying individual parts and constructing the PC yourself can save you a considerable amount of time and more importantly money. This has led to many people who may not know how to build a PC to search for video guides online on YouTube and on the internet as it […]

Are ATI Graphics cards really worth what they are?


There has always been a battle between the two largest competitors within the graphics card industry. Those are; ATI Nvidia These two organisations have been battling against each other for the hotspot within the gaming and professional industries for being the topc notch, graphic card distribute, manufacturer and supplier of quality products. Both of these organisations have seen a variety of downfalls throughout the years and they have discovered each others weaknesses and captilaised on […]

Professional SEO Services – A New and Famous technology


The IT sector has given rise to a prominent field of SEO. It has now been seen as the major sub-sector in the field of Information Technology. But, what are these SEO Services? Actually, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is nothing but a set of techniques that helps to alter the exposure of web pages. In other words, SEO is used to increase the appearance of web pages in the search results of famous search […]

Technology- Think beyond imagination


Here and there, everywhere, the world is talking of technology. So, what is technology and why people are millions of people running after it? So, here it comes, Technology that has changed the way mankind looked at the world. Technology has transformed almost all divisions of the earth from the way we communicate to about how we make business. Earlier, when people had to call someone, they were required to stand in a queue to […]

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