How Does An LCD Monitor Work


An LCD screen works by a matrix of tiny light transistors that have two states; off an on. On a typical screen there will be millions of these and each one represents a pixel that is to be displayed on the screen. There is polarised light behind the first and second layers of an LCD screen, which is filtered by liquid crystals in the second later; the liquid crystals don’t actually emit light, they merely control the light that passes […]

Well Known USB Connectors Set to Be Replaced By USB Type-C


For years now the USB connection (Universal Serial Bus) has been part of computers, devices and peripherals. There has been an USB Type-B connector to connect “USB Type-A to USB Type-B” from a computer to a printer, which has slowly been been phased out over time in favour “USB Type-A to USB Type-A” male to male set of connections in either side of a USB cable. There have also been enhancements for micro USB connectors to connect a mobile device to […]

Cycling Through Computers


Some of the pre-built systems companies, and average users use last a while, but mostly they are undisturbed internally and chug along just fine as they are. When swapping out the parts for new parts in the event of failure, it’s usually a sign that the system has begun it’s decline; the eventuality of ad-hoc swapping results in a prolonged nightmare were a system will only get slower and slower over time. The older the system […]

How and Why you should Learn Coding

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Coding is an increasingly integral part of our daily lives. Computers have taken over our lives in many ways, and this trend looks set to continue with the increasing capabilities of home PC’s and devices, as well as the levels of automation in industry too. Being a part of this, in many ways, necessitates that you learn coding. The first step of learning about computer code is that it isn’t one homogeneous group; there are […]

The Best Ways to Buy and Sell PC Parts


Building your own computer has become an increasingly common occurrence amongst the wider population, in just the last couple of decades. As children have been raised with high specification computers, people’s expectations and demands of hardware have continued to increase, and one of the ways that this need has been satisfied is through a massive group of people who remain engaged in the world of computer hardware; who aim to make sure that their computer […]

What is the function of a CPU?


A Central Processing Unit (CPU for short) is the often referred to as the brains of a computer system, and is built using the RISC architecture (Reduced Instruction Set Computing). The CPU carries out the instructions of a computer program such as, Microsoft Office, Word Powerpoint, Dreamweaver and Photoshop (amongst many other software programs that run on your computer); at the heart of the CPU is an Arithmetic Logic Unit (otherwise known as ALU for […]

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