Are ATI Graphics cards really worth what they are?

There has always been a battle between the two largest competitors within the graphics card industry. Those are;

  • ATI
  • Nvidia

These two organisations have been battling against each other for the hotspot within the gaming and professional industries for being the topc notch, graphic card distribute, manufacturer and supplier of quality products. Both of these organisations have seen a variety of downfalls throughout the years and they have discovered each others weaknesses and captilaised on their strenghts.


For example, Nvidia is typically plagued with extremely poor drivers, whilst ATI typically update their drivers on a monthly basis, ensuring that they are kept up to date and operating to the best that the graphics card can be. Whilst on the other hand, ATI have come under close scrutiny to the way that their cards are made because people have been complaining about extreme heats that ATI graphics cards have always typically seen throughout the year, even in colder winter periods.