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Laser Cutters for Better Accuracy

Laser cutters and engravers can achieve excellent accuracy, down to the most minute details. It’s possible to engrave very small areas on a range of materials, including wood, metal and plastic. If you are a designer, or are making something with intricate parts such as jewellery, then laser cutters can work wonders for you. A laser cutter can easily be programmed to complete your design and the methods are extremely advanced. You can often programme […]

The Benefits of Bringing Laser Cutting In House

Laser technology is a valuable tool for many businesses that are involved or production in some way. The use of laser cutting is frequent in many different industries, and it can help you to achieve a lot. You will be able to get an excellent degree of precision with your cutting, as well as getting the process completed quickly. It’s easier than you might think to make use of laser cutting technology. Whether you are […]

Engraving a Name Tag

Name tags and name plates are often used to label something, like an office or a room within a building. They are regularly used in buildings like schools, offices, and other public sector buildings where people need to be able to find their way around. If you are going to use name tags, then you need to have them personalised in order to have the text you want on them. One of the easiest ways […]

The Unrivalled Precision of Laser Engraving

Businesses and industry will often make use of lasers in production and manufacturing processes, using them to cut out materials, make precise cuts in lengths of material and also to mark materials as well. Laser engraving machines can be used in various capacities to give you stunning results with very little effort indeed on your part – all that is required is for the laser to be purchased and set up correctly, and you can […]

Android Gmail Users Surprised With New Update

Search engine giants Google have rolled out a new update for the Gmail app on Android devices, which now includes a unified inbox. This enables users to view emails from more than one account in one location, saving the trouble of switching between profiles. “Starting today you’ll be able to view all your mail at once, regardless of which account it’s from, using the new “All Inboxes” option. This way you can read and respond […]

PayPal Fined $7.7m

E-payment company PayPal have agreed to pay $7.7 million to settle charges by the US Treasury Department. This is due to the claims that PayPal, owned by popular auction site EBay, violated sanction programs against countries such as Cuba and Iran. They also violated the US law 486 times according to the Treasury. PayPal are also said to have dismissed alerts about doing business with a company on the sanctions blacklist, who are tied to […]

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