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New Moto 360 Smartwatch Revealed By Lenovo CEO?

The next range of Moto 360 smartwatches may have been revealed online accidentally by a member of the Lenovo hierarchy. Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo posted an image of smartwatches and components for the devices on social media platform Weibo. The image was later deleted. From what we can see, the new range of Moto 360’s will still have a circular face, whilst new bands will be released to connect to the face. We predict […]

How CD’s Are Made

Ever wondered how compact discs are manufactured? Well today is your lucky day, as we’re going let you know about the processes involved. If you didn’t know already, a compact disc is made of 5 separate layers.  The main layer is created first. This layer will protect the data later and also act as a lens, so the CD player’s laser focuses onto the data layer. Now it’s time for the data layer to be […]

YouTube Streaming Service Launching Soon

Online giants YouTube has announced that it will be launching a full version of its Music Key streaming service in the near future. The company owned by Google has already released a mobile version which is exclusive to Android but are said to be working on an iOS version in time for the service’s main launch in the coming months. What does this premium service mean for existing users? Well not much according to YouTube’s […]

HTC One M9 Specifications Revealed

Popular phone manufacturer HTC One, have had their HTC One M9 smartphone details leaked according to popular leaker ‘@upleaks’. The battery will apparently be a 2849mAh powered version, whilst the handset is also available as a 32GB or 64gb version, with the added microSD expansion. In terms of camera capabilities, the device includes a 20.7-megapixel camera as its standard rear camera, with a 4-megapixel at the front, perfect for you selfie addicts! Should be interesting […]

Sky To Team Up With Telefonica

Broadcasting giants Sky have announced that they’re planning to enter into the mobile phone services sector in 2016. “As the UK’s leading brand for home entertainment and communications, Sky has a proven ability to launch new services, at scale. We know our 11.5 million customers trust Sky to offer them the best quality and choice and have an appetite to take more from us. Through our partnership with Telefonica UK, we can build on our […]

How USB Sticks Are Manufactured

We all have used them once in our digital lifestyle, but have you ever wondered how a USB memory stick is made? Read on to find out more. The flash memory chip is screened for quality and storage purpose before it’s mounted onto the circuit board. The memory chip is mounted under a probe card which is held together by a few rubber bands. Once the flash memory chip is put in place, a machine […]

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