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Benefits of a Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutting and laser engraving machine can use laser technology to cut through various materials, or to engrave in them. They might be used in a wide range of industries and will often be kept in house to reduce costs, and to avoid a situation where there is a middleman who carries out laser engraving and cutting for businesses. Some of the applications of a Co2 laser cutter include: Personalised products Product design Stamp […]

Automating Laser Cutting and Engraving Processes

A laser engraving machine can be used to cut, engrave and etch onto a vast rang of materials with an incredible degree of accuracy, to a degree of accuracy that would have been previously unthought. However, advances in technology have meant that there are lots of reasons why automated laser cutting processes are available, affordable and accessible to lots of businesses, and they will produce better results. With an incredible degree of accuracy, automating laser […]

Some Common Types of Lasers

Lasers are popular and versatile pieces of equipment that are used in many capacities, and for a wide variety of reasons. Businesses might choose to purchase their own lasers instead of outsourcing cutting and engraving to someone else – these are some of the most common types of lasers that are available: CO2 lasers. These use a gas mixture with electric stimulation to operate the laser. They can be used on non metallic materials such […]