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Server Storage – how to Look After your Servers

Servers should always be kept somewhere safe, within the right conditions. Usually, a server will contain a lot of important information, making it essential to keep the server safe. You should always store it in a cool, dry place away from the possibility of damp. Use rack panels to store servers efficiently. This will keep them stacked in order and will make sure they are kept neat, organised and, importantly, well ventilated. Many server rack […]

Cycling Through Computers

Some of the pre-built systems companies, and average users use last a while, but mostly they are undisturbed internally and chug along just fine as they are. When swapping out the parts for new parts in the event of failure, it’s usually a sign that the system has begun it’s decline; the eventuality of ad-hoc swapping results in a prolonged nightmare were a system will only get slower and slower over time. The older the system […]

How and Why you should Learn Coding

Coding is an increasingly integral part of our daily lives. Computers have taken over our lives in many ways, and this trend looks set to continue with the increasing capabilities of home PC’s and devices, as well as the levels of automation in industry too. Being a part of this, in many ways, necessitates that you learn coding. The first step of learning about computer code is that it isn’t one homogeneous group; there are […]

How To… Defragment A Computer

Defragmenting your computer’s hard drive should be done regularly, to prevent the chance of errors and also to keep it going in fine, working condition. Below is step-by-step guide on how to defrag a Windows computer. 1) Click on the Start menu button and then look for My Computer. 2) Look for Local Disc (C:) and then right-click and select Properties. 3) Look for Tools on the Properties Menu and click on Defragment Now. 4) […]