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Taking a Product from Design to Manufacture

As a product designer or inventor, you don’t just need to think about the product you are designing. Before it is able to fulfil its purpose, there is one very important step to bear in mind – getting it into production. The production process isn’t always easy and can stand in the way if it is not something you have considered ahead of time. Whilst you are in the design process, think about how the […]

What is Product and Manufacturing information?

Product and manufacturing information, or PMI, allows product teams to create a visualisation of a product’s manufacturing process through the use of CAD. This can be used to inform the manufacturing process and to instruct manufacturers on what needs to be done with the product in question. PMI is compliant with industry standards for the definition of 3D products. This means that PMI can be used to fully document manufacturing information and this information can […]

The Magic of Name Plates

It is always a matter of pride when you see your name being flashed in front of people. It gives you an edge over other people and getting yourself branded is one of the best feelings in the World. Metal Name Plates is a way to flash your name and your pedigree in front of people without boasting or exaggerating anything about yourself. The sole objective of any nameplate is to express the name of […]

Using Technology to find the next perfect job – Building a PC to cope with that excessive job searching!

So you are looking for a new job! You have probably made some internet searches and possibly have contacted an employment agency to help you look. Here are some other alternative ideas to help you look. One place to look is in the local newspaper. The sorts of jobs in there may be the smaller, more junior roles, but an excellent place to begin. There are of course websites for most local newspapers too! You […]

How CD’s Are Made

Ever wondered how compact discs are manufactured? Well today is your lucky day, as we’re going let you know about the processes involved. If you didn’t know already, a compact disc is made of 5 separate layers.  The main layer is created first. This layer will protect the data later and also act as a lens, so the CD player’s laser focuses onto the data layer. Now it’s time for the data layer to be […]

How USB Sticks Are Manufactured

We all have used them once in our digital lifestyle, but have you ever wondered how a USB memory stick is made? Read on to find out more. The flash memory chip is screened for quality and storage purpose before it’s mounted onto the circuit board. The memory chip is mounted under a probe card which is held together by a few rubber bands. Once the flash memory chip is put in place, a machine […]