How CD’s Are Made

Ever wondered how compact discs are manufactured? Well today is your lucky day, as we’re going let you know about the processes involved.

If you didn’t know already, a compact disc is made of 5 separate layers.  The main layer is created first. This layer will protect the data later and also act as a lens, so the CD player’s laser focuses onto the data layer.

Now it’s time for the data layer to be created, arguably those most important part as it stores the information. The data layer is pressed into the top of the main layer. Ever noticed the reflection a CD gives off? Now it’s time to create that layer. The main purpose of the metallic layer is to give a shiny appearance.

The fourth layer to be added is the hard protective layer which is an ultra-thin plastic coating added to prove protection for the data and metallic layers. The final layer to be added is known as the label layer. This is where information can be printed on.