LG Reveal New WiFi Speakers

Electronic giants LG have announced a new set of speakers dubbed the ‘WiFi Music Flow’ speakers. The range consists of the H4 Portable speaker, which is LG’s first battery-powered portable WiFi speaker and the HS7 amd HS9 – LG’s upgraded WiFi Sound Bars.

The speakers work quite simply. When a foot away from a smartphone, the Auto Play Music function will detect any music the user is listening to and play it from the speaker, which means you can seamlessly listen to audio on your phone and when you’re in the vicinity of the speaker relay the sound back.

If connected with the Line messaging app, you can also control the speakers via an SMS. For example “turn off music after one hour” will do exactly that. LG’s Music Flow app also enables the user to play music from their Deezer and Spotify accounts, so overall seems like a great piece of kit.

Full information on the kit will appear at CES 2015, which begins January 6th 2015 in Las Vegas.