Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6

We reviewed the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 recently. Does it compare to its competitors at such a budget price? Find out below.

Starting price from £80, the Fire HD is a device with a 6-inch screen available in a variety of colours. If you go with the entry-level model, then the storage is limited to 8GB. But if you need more, you can purchase a 16GB version of the tablet for £100, so the price difference isn’t too much to put you off.

The tablet comes with two cameras (front & back) and also a quad-core, 1.5GHx processor, meaning the device won’t struggle to play graphic heavy games or stream any video clip in HD.

Overall for £80, we can’t fault it. Perfect for the entry level tablet user. The only gripe would be the fact that you have to pay £10 to get rid of Amazon’s ‘special promotion’ adverts which appear every so often.