Some Common Types of Lasers

Lasers are popular and versatile pieces of equipment that are used in many capacities, and for a wide variety of reasons. Businesses might choose to purchase their own lasers instead of outsourcing cutting and engraving to someone else – these are some of the most common types of lasers that are available:

  • CO2 lasers. These use a gas mixture with electric stimulation to operate the laser. They can be used on non metallic materials such as plastic, which is one of their most common uses.
  • Fiber lasers. These use a glass fiber to amplify a beam – they are very intense, much more so than CO2 lasers. They last for a long time and need very little in the way of maintenance.
  • Crystal lasers. Another type of solid state laser, a crystal laser will also be highly powerful and will be suitable for engraving materials such as metal and plastic with a high degree of precision.