Using Technology to find the next perfect job – Building a PC to cope with that excessive job searching!

So you are looking for a new job! You have probably made some internet searches and possibly have contacted an employment agency to help you look. Here are some other alternative ideas to help you look.

One place to look is in the local newspaper. The sorts of jobs in there may be the smaller, more junior roles, but an excellent place to begin. There are of course websites for most local newspapers too!

You may not have thought about networking as a way to find a new job. Most people have some form of social network (eg twitter, facebook). By asking your contacts, you potentially open up your search to millions of people and millions of places too! You’d be surprised at who knows what.

Employment agencies are an excellent way of getting a job, as the people are trained to help you be placed in an appropriate job. They have contacts with local businesses and can really work to sell your skills to the recruiters.