What is Kanban and What does it Mean for Manufacturing?

Kanban is a type of lean manufacturing that uses a pull technique, as opposed to a push. It is a way of slimming down manufacturing resources, meaning it is beneficial for businesses and manufacturers.

How does Kanban work? 

Kanban doesn’t rely on forecasts that may or may not be accurate. Instead, it uses actual market demand to dictate manufacturing volume. This helps to eliminate waste and is one of the most efficient ways of producing a product. It also helps with overall logistics within a factory or warehouse setting.

Here are some of the key benefits of a kanban manufacturing model:

  • Better use of resources – materials and workforces can be planned accordingly.
  • Less waste – production volumes match demand.
  • Improves workflow – it is more efficient
  • Reduces costs – there is less waste and no need for large storage overheads
  • Prevents costly overproduction – exact amounts are calculated
  • Allows for changes in demand – the market is monitored