What is Tooling and How does it Work?

Tooling refers to the process of creating and manufacturing the tools that are required for different parts of a manufacturing process. It is a stage that is required pre-production, in order to get a product ready to be manufactured, often on a larger scale.

Tooling is incredibly important because the quality of the tools used directly impacts the quality of the finished product. You will need to take this into account when considering all implications before deciding on a finalised manufacturing process. It will also affect costs and margins, though in the long run, can help to make it more economical by making a product easier to manufacture.

All tools will be different, depending on the level of accuracy and specificity that is required in the finished product. There are many different kinds of tools that might be produced, including jigs, fixtures, sheet metals and welding tools. When discussing manufacturing processes, always discuss tooling requirements at this stage as well.